Square Travel: a poetry toy

A digital toy that mashes sound and text against each other

(You may want to see the piece before reading further, so click here)
This is a sort of digital evolution of the tessellating poem. It doesn’t rely on a single original text to convey an initial meaning, instead using collaged fragments from older texts that deal with travel for its visual interface. Paired to the visual element, is a series of sounds. Each piece of visual text is accompanied by a piece of instrumental sound. Each quadrant has variations on a sound pattern, and each variation from each quadrant can fit together. 









Reversing the text and image pair. There is a set of photographic image pieces peppered among the sections and each of these is accompanied by a spoken poem. Each poem reworks the same set of words to create variations on a theme. These can be discovered individually or can end up being playing over one another. The narrative of the text plays out as a guidebook for a park in different iterations and times. 

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