Now Play This at Home

Through the first half of 2020 we were hit with the global coronavirus pandemic, which meant that all public events and large gatherings were cancelled. As the crisis grew, we knew that the responsible course of action was to cancel Now Play This 2020, planned for early April and Somerset House.

The NPT production team, led by guest director Marie Foulston, spent the two weeks leading to the original festival’s launch date curating and producing a digital festival that could be enjoyed remotely, but aimed to retain the things that we believe make the real world festival special. 

Now Play This at Home ran from April 3rd-5th, streaming on Twitch, Youtube, the Somerset House website and the Now Play This festival page. Alongside a play at home selection, the festival included live events such as virtual field trips, digital photography workshops, and live mass-audience twitch games.

The full festival page can be found here.