Selected Works - Nick Murray

Stills from Walk With Me To Derwent

Toying with the tradition of the point-and-click adventure game, Walk With Me to Derwent is an interactive poetry piece leading the reader/player on a walk through the Hope Valley to find the sunken village of Derwent. It combines generative text pieces, traditional written poetry and recorded performed poetry with game elements and gentle animations.

When the Ladybower Reservoir was built, two villages (Derwent and Ashopton) were evacuated and flooded. I wrote this piece as a reflection on movement within the Peak District, mirroring the flow of water against the migration of the villages inhabitants. 

Walk With Me To Derwent was commissioned by Penned in the Margins for Edgelandia.

Dreamphone: Poetry Collection (in development)

The original Dream Phone board game, created in 1991, was a proto-dating sim, in which the players would dial the numbers of various teen boys to find clues as to which one is their dream date. The game, and it’s huge pink phone, are instantly recognisable objects that sit in the mass memory of everyone born between the early 80s and the mid 90s. It is a symbol of a nostalgic past that I find fascinating. 

Using the original Dream Phone housing, I have repurposed the device to be the interface for a set of interactive prose poems. By dialling various numbers that are uncovered through poems, the listener/player can follow different strands of the inhabitants of a place that exists just out of time, but hearkens back to that nostalgic moment that birthed the original Dream Phone. It’s a poetry collection about loss and missed connections.

Spirit Board 1

Commissioned for Electronic Voice Phenomena, Spirit Board 1 is an intimate interactive performance about how spirituality and the occult exist alongside the the internet and our constantly connected lives. 

By using hidden NFC tags placed within the board, I created a piece in which a series of texts and images could be conjured by the movements of the participants’ hands across the table. 

Tamagotchi Seance

Tamagotchi Seance is an interactive text piece about grieving. A Tamagotchi is a small digital pet that you would have to feed and play with. They would often die because kids would have to leave them at home when going to school, but they could be reset and played with over and over. 

Tamagotchi Seance plays with the idea of the digital pet’s ‘real death’ that comes from the battery running out, or from the toy being forgotten in a drawer somewhere. Using lo-fi pixel art, and a cute 8-bit soundtrack, I aimed to look at death from a lighter, and more playful angle.

Volumes of Text

Volumes of Text is a performative reading object, and a collection about and through redundant technologies, made for an exhibition of alternative publishing-based practices, curated by Ladies of the Press*.

Each text exists as the reel inside a cassette tape and to read the work, the view has to press play on the device. The story then scrolls along at a predetermined pace. Nick invited thirteen writers to explore the idea of redundant technology for the collection.


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