Featured Interview for Killscreen

  "Memory, loss, dreams, and isolation—these are just a few themes that game designer, artist, and producer Nick Murray seeks to address. While these are heavy subjects, Nick’s work carries…

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Feature on BBC Click

Even though Now Play This 2021 was online, I got the chance to see Somerset House briefly for an interview with Christina Criddle for BBC Click. We talked about what…

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Flatgame Jam 2021: Aquarium

If you have wanted to try making a game, but have a fear of the technical hurdles, Flatgames might be for you. Created by Llaura Dreamfeel as a simple and…

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Overland — Unknowable Anthropofauna

The creatures in Finji’s Overland are, from the outset, unknowable. They’re not adversaries or purposeful antagonists. They just exist, without telegraphing their motives or desires. They don’t even have recognisable faces, reinforcing…

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