Neither of us would be where we are without advice and support given generously from people in our industries. However, discussing our own experiences, we both realised that it can sometimes feel lonely to think you’re the only “marginalised” person in your field or on a project, or to not have peers you can reach out to. When discussing this, we both talked about the advice we’d love to pass on to, and to have received from, artists who might have been in similar situations not just professionally, but also in terms of heritage, gender, sexuality, disability.

Mentorship is invaluable, not just from a technical or skills-based perspective, but also holistically. Especially right now, there is so much bombarding us and making creative work can be difficult. It is crucial to be able to seek and receive advice about how to navigate this. 

We would like to offer mentorship at no cost, for a mutually agreed period ranging from three months to a year. We are primarily inviting artists from marginalised backgrounds, eg BIPOC, disabled , non-binary, trans and/or queer backgrounds.  As individual artists we cannot offer any financial support for mentees at the moment, but are experienced with grant writing and funding research. There will be a limited amount of places, but the programme will be rolling and we will make sure to announce when time becomes available.

We’ve outlined our practices and experiences below. Please get in touch if you have any more questions or would like to register your interest.

EDIT: We are currently closed to new mentees

If you would like to be alerted when the programme opens up again, find out any more information, or just talk through it with us, please email:



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Abi Palmer

It can be HARD to get started in a primarily straight white cis male able-bodied lit culture. I would like to offer a period of mentoring for a BIPOC who would like to write from their own experience of chronic illness, pain or disability. I feel that more stories should be told from these perspectives and would like to support this. You do not have to write ABOUT these experiences, but you can.

As well as technical advice, my experience is in working with the limitations/pain in your body and working around learning disabilities. When the Arts Council reopens Project Grants I can also advise on funding applications.

Nick Murray

My professional experience ranges from writing and publishing, to game design, to live arts production. My personal background is as a mixed heritage black queer person and I would like to invite artists and writers who may benefit from these experiences. Though that isn’t necessary and I will absolutely be reading all notes of interest, I may give priority to queer folx and BIPOC. 

I am open to working with artists from all media and disciplines though my focus is on performance, digital and interactive arts, and digital writing and poetry. Please feel free to have a look at my website to see if my practice aligns with what you are working on.