Chance and ritual, winning and losing, through wonky glamour, instagrammable pain and underground gambling.

Presented with three reworked fruit machines, participants are invited to gamble on their ailments, ‘winning’ conditions and betting on prescriptions for healing. Crip Casino by Abi Palmer is part kinetic poetry piece, part surreal solo gameshow, and utilising the language of wellness and disability, the player must reconsider their position in life: whether health and physical capacity, financial security and status are the result of luck, chance or hard work; whether any of us truly “deserve” the role we are given.

From October 2019 Nick is Abi Palmer’s producer, focusing on the Crip Casino work. Crip Casino has been shown at Tate Modern, Now Play This (Somerset House) and Wellcome Collection.

A close up of Crip Casino. A doctored fruit machine made by Abi Palmer. The pictures of fruit are covered with cut up poetry fragments.