The Moon Is: Ambit Magazine Feature

My digital poetry work was featured on the Ambit Magazine website by Astra Papachristodoulou. Read the feature here.

I’ll start with one of the most innovative poets that I have come across; Nick Murray. Murray’s ‘The Moon Is…’ is one of his many mind-blowing generative writing poems which is based on the intersection of technology and poetry. I could go on for days about Murray’s work, but thought I should focus on his moon poem for now. ‘The Moon Is…’ is a minimalist digital poem based on an exercise by Ross Sutherland, which features generative text underneath pixelated and video game-inspired photos of the moon. The text unfolds arrhythmically, without rhythm or regularity, in often-witty ways, while accompanying an ever-changing photo gallery: “The moon is a glitchy speaker / The moon is a glitchy airline / The moon is a vast airline / The moon is a vast discoverer / The moon is a cool discoverer”.

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